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1. FCB Studio

What is Top 10?

The “Top 10” section has the highest ranking images with “Likes” received by other users.

The 10 winners will be nominated every 3 months to receive valuable gifts.

Can I share the pictures from the wall?

Yes, please click on more option icon under any picture (…), it will take you to full view of the image with the sharing option icon.

You will receive 10xp for any shared link will be clicked by your friends

What is the difference between wall and latest?
Can I Repost pictures from the wall?

Yes, you can click on the repost icon under any picture to reposted under your name, please note that action will consume 50xp from your point balance

2. Gallery

When you are adding new templates in the gallery?

We add new templates , and you will be notified when the library will be updated.

Can I re-use a purchased player template to create several pictures?

Yes you can re-use them for free, and you can find them on the “Purchased” tab next to Players & Team tabs on the Gallery screen.

Why I am not able to get access to all the pictures templates in the player’s library?

If the picture has premium icon on the top left, then you should be subscribed to any premium packages from the shop section to be able to use it.

Why I can’t create a new picture?

To create new picture you should have sufficient balance of points.
When you choose any player picture, you will find your current credit on the top and the picture point on the right, so your point balance should be higher than the picture points.
But you still can use the previously used images for free, and you may find them on the “Purchased” tab next to Players & Team tabs on the Gallery screen.


How to create a new picture?

1.Click on the camera icon in the bottom bar
2.Click on any FCB player to display his gallery
3.Choose a player image
4.Click use (will consume 100xp to 200xp)
5.Position yourself with the player
6.Adjust the contrast bar (above the image)
7.Capture the image
8.Use any editing tool from the bottom bar
9.Write your caption and tags then click on post with share


3. Fans

How can I find the fans in other countries?
  1. Open the top slide menu
  2. Click on the “Fans” icon
  3. Click on the top right icon for filters
  4. Click on “select country”
  5. Choose any required country
  6. Click “Apply” and fans in the selected country will be displayed
How can I become a premium member?

1. Open the shop section through the “Shop” icon on the left at the bottom bar
2. Click on the premium tab
3. Choose any premium package to subscribe in.



I am receiving messages from anonymous fans and I don't want to get more messages, what should I do?
  1. Click on the selected fan to open his/her profile
  2. Click on the block icon
What is "Favorite"? What is the benefit of having someone as favorite?

“Favorite” are fans whom you are interested to follow their actions, so having any fan as a “favorite” will allow you to track his/her activities such as: new posts, new friends added …etc.

4. Contest

I don't want to make my pictures public; can I still participate in the contest?

No, you should mark the privacy of picture as “public” in order to participate in the contest with this picture.

How can I be part of your contest?

Just complete your profile with accurate data and create any picture and post it to public

How often are you going to have contest?

The contest runs on quarterly basis.

How I will be informed if I win?

Winners will be contacted by Email and Mobile, and results will be announced throughout the App and FCB social media and website.

5. Friends

How can I invite my friends to download the app?

2.Click on “Friends” tab
3.Click on the “Invite” icon (+) at the top right
4.Write any invitation message
5.Click on the “Invite” button
6.Choose any social media from the list like: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp…etc. and send your message. You shall receive 10xp credits per accepted invitation.

How do I know if I received a new friend request?

You will get a notification when any friend adds you, or if you are disabling notification, you can find it in the “Friends” section when you click on the “Requests” tab.

What is the benefit of adding someone as "Friend"?

If you add someone as a friend, then both of you will be following each other, and will have unlimited chat feature.

6. Profile

How can I see who is following me?

1. Open the top slide menu
2. Click on the “following” button

Some people start following me without my permission, but I don't want to give them access to my pictures. What should I do?

You can mark your picture privacy on “Friends” only before posting it.

How can I edit my profile?

1. Open the top slide menu
2. Click on your profile picture
3. Click on the edit icon beside your name
4. Start editing your information 
5. Click on the “save” icon at the top right

Is there any privacy for showing the personal contacts and info?

Yes. You can control your privacy setting from the “setting” section on the slide menu.

I don't want all the people to see my personal info. What should I do?

1. Open the top slide menu
2. Click on the “settings” icon
3. Choose “Privacy” option
4. Change the privacy of your personal and contact info

I dont want all the people to see my personal info. What should I do?

7. Setting

What happened if I block a fan?

When blocking a fan, then he/she won’t be able to:
- Send you any message
- See your created posts
- Comment or like your posts
- See you in the fan list
- Follow you or send you a friend request

How I can unblock a fan?

1. Open the top slide menu
2. Click on the “settings” icon
3. Click on the “Blocked List”
4. Click on the “unblock” button beside any fan you wish to unblock.

How can I change the languages within the app?

1. Open the top slide menu
2. Click on the “settings” icon
3. Click on “Language”
4. Choose any preferred language from the list

Is there any way to block some users?

Yes, go to any fan profile then click on the block icon

8. Points

How can I know more about the pointing system?

1. Open the top slide menu
2. Click on the “info” icon
3. Choose “points” to read more about it

I am out of point balance, how can I gain more points?

You can gain points through:
1. Complete your profile (220xp)
2. Post your Photo with share option (40xp) per post.
3. Share in Social Media (10xp) per share.
4. Invite a Friend (10xp) per accepted friend.
5. Daily Points (10xp) per day.

Also, you can check the shop section for different point packages options, in addition to some promotional activities to earn free points.

I have enough points in my balance, why I am not able to select pictures which need 200xp?

You should subscribe to any of the premium package
1. Open the shop section through the “Shop” icon on the left at the bottom bar
2. Click on the premium tab
3. Choose any premium package to subscribe in

9. Shop

What are the different between premium packages and points packages?

-Premium Package: is a monthly subscription package with bundle of free points, and more premium features like access to premium template and featuring the profile at the Fans section
-Points Packages: are set of points packages with extra free points.  


What are the benefits of buying one of the premium packages?

Buying a premium package will grant the user a premium recurring subscription for 1 month, which gives the following:

  •  Access to Premium templates in Players gallery
  •  Feature profile at the Fans section in the top banner
  •  Better exposure for profile and created images which increase the opportunity to be from Top 10 through getting more likes.


10. General Questions

I downloaded the App, but it is not loading or working

1- Make sure that you have the latest updated operating system for your handset.
2- Make sure that your Internet connection is working.

The App keeps freezing on my mobile device, what should I do?

If the App keeps freezing on your mobile device, please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  •  Restart your device: Memory issues on your device can cause a freeze/crash. The best way to fix these issues is to restart your device, which clears the memory (this will not cause any loss of data).
  •  Reset the App:  Resetting the App can also fix freezing issues. Just close the App and launch it again.
  •  Update App software: Check the app store for updates to the App. Out of date software can lead to performance issues, including freezing.
  •  Update device software: you should always ensure that your device has the latest software.


If I try to re-install the App, will I lose my data and information?

No, your data is safe and protected! Just Log in with your username and passwords and the app will retrieve your pervious information automatically.
If you have forgotten your password, then you click on “Forgot password” option and the system will email it to you.


Do I need a Facebook account to create a profile and use the App?

No. Users have the option to Sign up using their Facebook profile, however, users still have the option to sign up manually and creating their own profile.

If I connect to Facebook, will you post things to my Facebook wall or spam my friends?

We will never send any requests to your friends that you did not actively send from the App invitation, and we won’t post anything to your Facebook wall without permission. 

Does it cost anything to download the App and create a profile?

No. Downloading the App is free of charge, and creating the profile is free, and completing a full profile will reward you with 300xp which can be redeemed inside the App in creating new images.

I have an idea for the FCB Studio, what should I do?

As happy as we are to hear about awesome new ideas from our fans and the wider public, please share your ideas at
Should you provide FCB Studio with unsolicited Content without prior written agreement, you agree that such unsolicited Content becomes property of FCB Studio and FCB Studio does not have to compensate you for unsolicited Content or keep unsolicited Content confidential. FCB Studio is free to use, develop, commercialize, amend and assign all rights to unsolicited content.


I have a problem with my FCB Studio App and cannot find answer here. What should I do?

If you cannot find an answer to your question here in the FAQ, please contact our support team through the email:
Please provide as much information about the situation as possible: device model and/or version, device operating system version, which feature/section you are referring to, and a detailed description of the issue.